BOSE F1 Sound System and Light Show For Rent

This awesome rental system is unbelievable. If it wasn’t BOSE – I would not have believed it. The Punch this system carries goes on forever. One tower is enough for most smaller venues. Add the second tower and you would think you are at Concert. Outside – NO PROBLEM. Power NO PROBLEM. 2 standard wall circuits is all you need for the whole system including the light bars. 

The light bars are set for 360 Degree rotation or can be locked in place. This means if you are DJ you can light the dance floor in front of you. If you are a band you can light the band area off to the side of the stacks. all kinds of possibilities. Also, no lighting controller required. Lights are sound activated and all the lights do the same thing in sequence or have them all one static color.

The system comes with all interconnect including power cables. It easily fits into the back of a SUV, Truck or Van. Plug into your board, computer, phone or tablet and you are playing powerful music. 

Some rough specs for you:

4000 Watt Self Powered with Dual SUBs and Dual Tops. Tops are line array 
LED PAR56 Lights 150-1W Lamps RGB

Try it out for $250 a 3 day weekend

Call, Email or TXT me – let me know what you need. 8507913886

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