April 11, 2015
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Captain Bill helped make my wedding the most memorable night of my life. My wife and I are low key people. We didn't want anything extravagant or excessive. We did our wedding in my mother in laws back yard (Capt. Bill is very adaptable). During the planning process, my wife and I began getting stressed and honestly started loosing interest. Thank goodness we chose Captain Bill to be part of our wedding because he had everything covered from the timeline of events to the music. I will admit that I wasn't the most responsive person when communicating with Bill, but throughout the process he was professionally persistent to ensure he could do his best to make our wedding night memorable. In all actuality, he motivated us to stay focused on making our wedding a special day as opposed to a stressful event. My family is not the kind that party hard, whereas my wife's family is more outgoing. Capt. Bill was able to cater to both sides to ensure everyone had a great time. He was very interactive during the reception. Bill was a wonderful officiate, and during the reception he provided great music, karaoke, and many laughs. Without Capt. Bill, our wedding day would have been a boring, unorganized, stressful event. Instead it was the best day of our lives.

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